Fun fact! Did you know that Crimson Medici had a Number 1 single! Yep, the great track Survivor recorded its highest chart position on the XRP Independent Artist chart in January 2020!

Crimson Medici is a UK based synth wave duo writing & performing original dance, triphop, funk and upbeat pop. Wendy’s vocals are strong and powerful with a superb natural tone and amazing harmonies. Nick has played keyboards for 35+ years and has written songs since he was a teenager. Between them they create great pop songs.


Wendy from an early age has sung. Born on the island of Anglesey, North Wales you could say its in her blood. Having sung in various choirs as she grew up it wasnt until she moved to Kent that she discovered her love of being on stage solo.

Wendy has performed on various stages including Paris, Anglesey and of course all over Kent. She has performed with bands for the past 12 years.
Wendy is now an accomplished Songwriter and Lyricist. She co-writes all Crimsons tracks, writing the melodies, harmonies and the arrangements.

Wendy’s microphones;

Shure SM58 for Live

Shure Beta 87A for Live

Shure KSM42 for Studio

Rode NT1A for Studio


Nick has been into synths since he was a kid. At the ripe age of 12 his parents gave him for Christmas the ultimate gift. A Roland SH-101 Synthesizer. This was the start of a life long passion of creating music, soundscapes, producing and arranging music.

Spin forward to present day and surrounded by synths, recording equipment and his trusty studio PC he writes, records and produces the Crimson Medici sound.

Inspired by artists such as Depeche Mode, Gary Numan, Robbie Williams, Pink Floyd, Faithless… There are various influences you can hear within the luscious soundscapes.

His studio comprises of:

Roland SH-101 Synthesizer

Roland Jupiter 80 Synthesizer

Roland System-8 Synthesizer

Korg M1 Keyboard

Novation SL61 Midi Controller

Ableton Studio / Pro Tools

Adams A77x Studio Monitors (A mix)

Yamaha HS8s (B mix)

Nocs NS2s

Arturia Fuse Studio

For Live work

Ableton Studio running Click, Midi, Audio, Lyrics, Music Direction

Konig & Meyer Spider Pro Stands (Red)

Soundcraft UI24R Mixing Desk