Hyppedit vs Your own smart link

Do you have your own website? Paying for its upkeep, hosting and you’re adding content to it? Does it sit on WordPress?

If the answers are yes then Id like to pose a question – why pay for a Smartlink website verses your own?

The internet is built on traffic. People clicking from here to there, every single click important as to where and who it was with. This affects your SEO rankings, your active connections to social media, placement on Google blah blah blah.

So, with that said. Why would you pay for a service providing smart links if you run your own website? I asked myself that very question with the latest release of You Light The Way.

I pay $9.99 a month for Hyppedit. Its an excellent website / service and I have absolutely no complaints against it. Website is intuitive, provides excellent services but all the traffic is going to them. If I am paying for Facebook ads and i include a link for a smart page link then I direct all that paid traffic to them. Why not to my own website? Hmmm….

So, what makes a smart link?

Basically, a web / mobile phone friendly web page that has all the quick links to your various streaming services. It also has on it, a preview from Spotify and hidden away is the facebook pixel that enables you to track all the activity and essentially how successful your ad was.

This is our page You Light The Way Smart Link

This is our Hyppedit Page for – A Mothers Song

What do you think?

Think through the ad workflow.

  1. FB user sees your ad, likes the content clicks the ‘listen now’ link – In the background, Facebook records that click
  2. FB user arrives at your webpage and sees the mulitple listening options available. Decides to click on Spotify – In the background, the FB pixel hosted on our website records that click and provides us feedback as to if the click was successful
  3. FB user arrives at Spotify and plays the track – On Artist Spotify page you can then see if they add to a playlist, save the track, listen etc.

So has our page been more successful than Hyppedit? In a word – YES!

All that traffic arrives onto OUR website and then off they go and explore the rest of our pages. The blog, our charity work, merchandise etc.

So, if you are thinking of using a Smart Link Web service and you maintain a band page like this one… then think hard… Id wager you’d get better bang for your buck if you direct to your own pages.

Thanks all and keep creating that awesome music!