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  • Hyppedit vs Your own smart link

    Hyppedit vs Your own smart link

    Do you have your own website? Paying for its upkeep, hosting and you’re adding content to it? Does it sit on WordPress? If the answers are yes then Id like to pose a question – why pay for a Smartlink website verses your own? The internet is built on traffic. People clicking from here to…

  • Abbey Road Stem Mastering

    Abbey Road Stem Mastering

    When we decided to record ABBA’s ‘The Day Before You Came‘ I knew that mastering would have to be the best it can be. To do this justice and give it the best possible sound, master it independently and with the reported best in the business. We have used Abbey Road for mastering before. Alone…

  • Adam a77x vs yamaha hs8s

    Adam a77x vs yamaha hs8s

    I wanted to share an honest review of the Adam Audio A77X vs the Yamaha HS8s. To be clear, i am not some self claimed Audio expert and do not have amazing speaker measuring equipment etc. Just a pair of ears, 35years of musical studio experience and an opinion. I have owned the HS8s for…

  • sound treatment

    sound treatment

    Sound treatment is a dark art. There is a myriad of options, a full on science and lots of experts with varying degrees of opinion. So as a home recording studio owner and artist how have we navigated the audio treatment conundrum. (with difficulty but with good results!) I have been recording music for 35+…